Delete using CLI

Deleting Kubeflow from GCP using the command line interface (CLI)

This page explains how to delete a Kubeflow deployment on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using kubectl.

Before you start

This guide assumes the following settings:

  • The ${KF_DIR} environment variable contains the path to your Kubeflow application directory, which holds your Kubeflow configuration files. For example, /opt/my-kubeflow/.

    export KF_DIR=<path to your Kubeflow application directory>

Deleting your deployment

  1. To delete the applications running in the Kubeflow namespace, remove that namespace:

    kubectl delete namespace kubeflow
  2. To delete the cluster and all GCP resources, run the following commands:

cd ${KF_DIR}
make delete-gcp
  • Warning This will delete the persistent disks storing metadata. If you want to preserve the disk don’t run this command; instead selectively delete only those resources you want to delete.

Last modified 27.07.2020: Address comments. (65796326)